Coley Bennett, CMM – Compliance Office

“LOVE LOVE LOVE realistic HIPAA violations. I can not tell you how many Healthcare workers still don’t understand that a HIPAA violation doesn’t have to be a major breach of your EMR. It can be as simple as sharing patient information with a “friend”.”

Joshua A. Rabinowitz DO, FAAP – Director, Advocare Newborn Network

“The MRN training program will benefit medical provider offices of any size, from the solo practitioner to the multi-site institutional network”

Why Medical Receptionist Success Training?

  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention with improved customer service techniques and best practices
  • Boost empowerment and encouragement for your front desk staff
  • Specialized training customized for Medical Receptionists and Medical Secretaries
  • Reinforces the commitment to deliver specific levels of customer service
  • Improve morale while streamlining the expectations of your front office operations
  • Support Medical Receptionists by reinforcing job specific responsibilities
  • Great addition to your on-boarding process
  • Plus much more

The MRN Success Training is based on The Medical Receptionist Handbook to Success which is being recognized as providing the most complete and practical reading for the success of front desk staff in the healthcare industry.

Here’s what our readers are saying:

– “I read the Medical Receptionist Handbook to Success and found it to be a thought provoking educational and training guide that everyone in the medical field or people interested in forming a collaborative and highly functional work force should read.” – Amazon Review

– “Insightful and required reading for all of my agencies Patient Representatives. Ms. Adkins brings to bear years of experience and wisdom in an easy to read manual that is sure to help any medical receptionist or health care worker better understand their role in any medical practice.” – Amazon Review

– “Wish I had a book like this when I was navigating the healthcare industry as a secretary, assistant and receptionist. The tools provided in this very clear, structured and resourceful book will be invaluable to any front line member of an organization. Thank you for releasing such great material that will further enhance the career of medical receptionist.” – Amazon Review

– “I loved this book. The advice and wisdom in this book is priceless and definitely points you in the direction of success. Ms. Adkins is a true professional and this book is perfect proof.” – Amazon Review

The MRN Success Training Course makes the tips, strategies, best practices and information come alive in a digestible and easy-to-understand and implement format.

The MRN Success Training Course is 100% self paced to ensure flexibility for you and your front desk staff.