Medical Receptionist Job Readiness Program


The Medical Receptionist Job Readiness Program consists of the following:

  • Initial discovery call of 15 minutes.
  • 3 twenty five minute live calls
  • Unlimited email communications over a predetermined period of 4 weeks.  
  • Resume reviewed with suggested edits provided.
  • Cover letter and reference documents will also be reviewed and updated.
  • Client will be advised on productive job search methods and encouraged to submit multiple applications during the 4 week coaching period.
  • Client will have the opportunity to discuss interview strategy and preparedness tips.
  • A mock interview will be conducted during the 4 week program.
  • Copy of Medical Receptionist Handbook to Success
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This program is for new Medical Receptionists or receptionists returning to healthcare seeking assistance in job search preparation and guidance, resume review, and interview preparation.